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  • First Friday Funnies: The race to accelerate revenue

    Revitas solutions simplify channel management processes to help channel teams get up and running more quickly – driving revenue and dominating the competition.

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  • The High-Tech Channel is Experiencing Its Greatest Change in the Last 25 Years

    Channel players should be ready for big changes ahead as the traditional channel undergoes some major shifts.

    At last week’s Baptie Channel Focus event in Miami, the ~250 professionals in attendance had the opportunity to connect with their peers and discuss the challenges and trends being experienced in the high-tech channel. I was there to see for myself how a Baptie event operates. Miami provided just the right atmosphere for reconnecting with old colleagues, meeting new professionals, attending workshop sessions, and hearing from channel practitioners from teams across the industry.

    There were a few key themes that emerged at the event, including:

    • The channel for high tech and telecom is currently in a state of almost unprecedented flux and change. As the keynote speaker put it, “the high tech channel is...

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  • 5 Factors for Selecting Partners in the Cloud Era

    Cloud technology has caused a large transformation of business models in high-tech. Selecting the right channel partners will be key to succ

    This week, Channel Partners Magazine featured the following article by Revitas's Kelly Baig that discusses the challenges of finding and selecting successful channel partners in the high-tech channel, as cloud models continue to change the way organizations do business.

    It’s almost a truism at this point: The transition from CapEx technology spending to OpEx cloud models has changed all the rules of the high-tech channel. But this adage misses a key point: That the transition to cloud also upends the game board in terms of motivation and control.

    Cloud-subscription models change the rules of how channel sales teams are paid, both immediately and in the future. Traditionally, sales teams have been motivated by...

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  • First Friday Funnies: A rock and a hard place

    The cavemen couldn't break out of the channel paradox, but you can. Time to throw out your prehistoric notions of channel management.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog

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  • Extending the Value of MDF: What Partners Need and How Vendors Can Deliver

    Channel partners are looking for changes from vendors in the way MDF spending is governed.

    In a recent CRN article, channel partners were asked for the top 5 changes that they would like to see in how technology vendors structure MDF programs.

    MDF, or Marketing Development Funds, are made available by vendors to assist their partners with marketing activities. However, proving the value of the MDF investment is key to enabling vendors to provide the flexibility, transparency, and engagement that partners demand.

    Here’s a break-down of what was identified as requests from the partners on MDF:

    • Partners need a longer ROI timeframe with which to evaluate MDF spending. Currently, the standard for the high tech channel is a quarterly cycle: MDF activity is planned, carried out, reported on, and then...

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  • Three Steps to Reduce the Cost of Channel Sales

    Reducing costs is a key component to improving the overall success of channel programs.

    This post is the first in the Four Pillars of Channel Management series.


    Companies operating in channel-driven industries are challenged to keep channel operations performing at optimal levels. Meaning: continually driving more revenue through the channel; keeping partners engaged, motivated to sell, and loyal; and keeping the total cost of channel sales low. Recent research has shown that optimizing channel performance is a top executive priority in 2015.

    In the first installment of this blog series, we focus on the latter – minimizing or reducing the cost of channel sales.

    Companies that offer products through multi-level channels typically implement incentive programs in their channel agreements to help...

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  • First Friday Funnies: Bed sheets and spreadsheets

    We all know the saying, “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it,” but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there forever. Stop using spreadsheets and other outdated methods, and automate your revenue management.


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog.

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  • Strategies for Attracting Next-Gen Partners in 2015

    Top channel chiefs talk how to attract next-gen partners in 2015.

    This week, CRN posted its annual top 50 channel chiefs list. Along with that list, they included comments from 21 of the named channel chiefs on their plans for attracting next-gen partners in 2015.

    So, what’s “next gen”? One of the biggest trends putting pressure on all of the traditional methods of working with channel partners is the emergence of the cloud model.  In summary, the cloud changes everything. Partners get paid differently, so incentive strategies need to change. Customers purchase differently, and are less loyal – which makes partners less loyal. This combination increases the pressure on channel teams to attract and retain higher-skilled partners for cloud.  

    As part of figuring this out, it...

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  • How to Adapt Contract Processes to Keep Pace with New Demands

    As contract renegotiations have increased, so has the workload on contract and legal teams.

    Have you noticed that the frequency of amendments to your company’s contracts has seemed to increase over the past few years? It’s probably not your imagination. This has been a fairly common trend over the past few years as business environments grow more and more volatile.

    According to IACCM, most companies report seeing a sharp increase in renegotiations and reviews that compel the need for amendments to existing agreements. In fact, the frequency of renegotiation is up 28% in the last five years.

    So what, exactly, is causing this increase? A number of factors can be pointed to by organizations grappling with this issue –

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  • First Friday Funnies: Learn the ropes [of your channel]

    You don’t need to jump through hoops to manage your channel incentive programs and optimize partner engagement. Proven, purpose-built solutions for channel management will improve outcomes from channel programs while simplifying and streamlining processes.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog.

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