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  • How to Identify and Correct Poor Contracting Strategies

    Can you identify a bad hand when you see one?

    This week, Channel Insider featured the following article by Revitas's Joe Alphonse that uncovers the eight core capabilities needed in a CLM solution to improve contracting strategies.

    Three crucial steps toward better contracting strategies are asking tough questions, analyzing channel processes by department and building better contracting processes. 

    Each stage flows into the next, so a disconnect anywhere within the process puts contracts at risk. For that reason, companies need to seek an automated and integrated solution that unites each aspect of this process to ensure that they develop high-quality contracts that don't leave any money on the table. The system should also connect each department...

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  • First Friday Funnies: It’s all Greek to me

    Still using antiquated reporting methods? Time to bring your revenue management into the 21st century.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog.

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  • CA Technologies Plans a Shift to Channel to Achieve Revenue Growth

    By shifting focus to channel sales vs. direct, CA seeks to increase market penetration in mid to lower tiers of the market.

    At CA World in November, CA Technologies revealed its plans to make a strategic shift in the company’s sales approach: it described a plan to de-emphasize direct sales in favor of a two-year effort to grow indirect reseller channel to 50% revenue contribution. According to CA’s channel chief, Alyssa Fitzpatrick, along with CA’s sales head, Adam Elster, the company is under pressure to improve revenue growth (which has been stalled over the last few years) and has identified channel resellers as a huge upside potential to help get that done.

    With this public discussion, CA joins a growing list of high-tech firms who have reconfirmed their recognition of the importance of their channel business. In the case of...

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  • This just in from CMS: Fa la la la la…

    More "news" from CMS regarding the AMP final ruling.

    If you are among those of us that were hoping CMS would give the pharmaceutical community something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving – I hope you enjoy a side of disappointment with your turkey.

    In what is becoming a bit of a comedy of errors, CMS just last week announced another official delay of the AMP final rule; this time to April 2015. With CMS, it seems the more things change, the more things – well, do they ever actually change?

    Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, manufacturers have waited with bated breath (many may be feeling rather lightheaded by now) for the announcement of the AMP final rule, given its potential to significantly impact day-to-day operations. If anything nice can...

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  • Integrated Agreements: ‘And’ is better than ‘Or’

    Contract management doesn't end when the document is signed. Proper post-execution management is essential to success.

    If your organization sells products via a multi-channel distribution, your contracts likely contain complex terms and conditions that dictate incentives, rebates, and a variety of promotions designed to drive channel partner sales.  And if you are still managing contracting processes manually, you probably already know that relying on Microsoft Word, email, and shared drives to author, review, and store contract documents does not have the capability to support or scale with your business.  As you start looking for a solution, you will quickly realize that there are a variety of more sophisticated, automated contract management solution options to replace your ad hoc manual approach. But, which one is the right...

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  • Dell’s investment level raises the stakes on the escalating competition for the high-tech channel

    Dell is upping the ante in the battle for the high-tech channel through its channel partner incentive strategy.

    Now that Dell has gone private, news of its investment levels and future plans for channel development – such as what was published last week in CRN – are getting plenty of attention. As reported by CRN, Cheryl Cook, VP of Global Channel Alliances at Dell, laid out an aggressive-sounding strategy of investment in channel, designed to take advantage of current channel confusion at both IBM (due to Lenovo divestiture) and HP (due to company break-up).

    Here are some of the numbers:

    • Cook announced $125M in partner incentives for 2015 – across storage, data center, and PC business
    • Cook reported that channel contributes 40% of Dell’s global revenue – on a trend of growth from the 33% figure cited just this past...

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  • First Friday Funnies: The compliance enforcer

    Happy first Friday! For your enjoyment, here’s the next installment in our First Friday Cartoon series. Meet Torg… a real team player with a low risk tolerance. 

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog.

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  • Integrated Agreements: The “easy” button for revenue management

    Revenue Manager administrators get their own "easy" button by adding integrated agreements functionality to the Revitas suite.

    This is the second post in the Integrated Agreements blog series.


    Thanks to the folks at Staples, product managers everywhere are looking for their own version of the “easy” button that Staples rolled out in their ads in 2006. Product managers focus on ways to improve their products to make their users’ jobs easier so they can be more productive.

    To be clear, easy doesn’t mean that it’s a magic wand that will do all the work for you. By easy, I am talking about having a solution that makes users as efficient and effective as possible, allowing them to focus on handling the critical aspects to their job that can’t be automated and not focus on routine repetitive daily tasks.

    So what is my easy button...

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  • 5 reasons every channel-driven company should integrate contract and revenue management

    By aligning contract and revenue management, companies will enhance overall performance outcomes while improving efficiencies.

    This is the first post in the Integrated Agreements blog series.


    Over the past decade or so, more and more channel-driven companies are implementing systems that automate the creation, approval, and ongoing management of channel partner contracts. These systems have simplified the entire contracting process – speeding cycles, improving visibility, and enhancing overall contract performance.

    But what happens once the contract is signed? These incentive-based contracts provide the roadmap – via terms and conditions – for navigating the life of an agreement, including the execution incentive payments, billbacks, and other fees. But many of the same companies that have implemented sophisticated systems for...

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  • Channel transformation in 2014 and beyond: Four drivers and common threads

    Channel-driven companies must be able to adapt as technology and environmental factors shape consumer and business buyer behavior.

    At Revitas, we help automate channel sales and management in commercial industries. These industries cover a wide range – more than 30 by my last count – and include high-tech and manufacturing.

    In any industry that makes and sells a product – then offers that product through a complex system of distributors and product resellers – there is a need for an automated system for channel contract and revenue management. Many organizations are operating using outdated channel management processes or resources that must be reevaluated. 

    In high-tech, this equates to large distributor organizations such as Arrow ECS, Avnet, Ingram-Micro, CDW, and even Dell, all serving a large eco-system of downstream reseller teams...

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