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  • Strategies for Attracting Next-Gen Partners in 2015

    Top channel chiefs talk how to attract next-gen partners in 2015.

    This week, CRN posted its annual top 50 channel chiefs list. Along with that list, they included comments from 21 of the named channel chiefs on their plans for attracting next-gen partners in 2015.

    So, what’s “next gen”? One of the biggest trends putting pressure on all of the traditional methods of working with channel partners is the emergence of the cloud model.  In summary, the cloud changes everything. Partners get paid differently, so incentive strategies need to change. Customers purchase differently, and are less loyal – which makes partners less loyal. This combination increases the pressure on channel teams to attract and retain higher-skilled partners for cloud.  

    As part of figuring this out, it...

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  • How to Adapt Contract Processes to Keep Pace with New Demands

    As contract renegotiations have increased, so has the workload on contract and legal teams.

    Have you noticed that the frequency of amendments to your company’s contracts has seemed to increase over the past few years? It’s probably not your imagination. This has been a fairly common trend over the past few years as business environments grow more and more volatile.

    According to IACCM, most companies report seeing a sharp increase in renegotiations and reviews that compel the need for amendments to existing agreements. In fact, the frequency of renegotiation is up 28% in the last five years.

    So what, exactly, is causing this increase? A number of factors can be pointed to by organizations grappling with this issue –

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  • First Friday Funnies: Learn the ropes [of your channel]

    You don’t need to jump through hoops to manage your channel incentive programs and optimize partner engagement. Proven, purpose-built solutions for channel management will improve outcomes from channel programs while simplifying and streamlining processes.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog.

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  • Think you know your CLM risks? If you’re in a systems silo, expect surprises

    Revitas's Andy Sanford explores the risks of isolating CLM from the rest of your organization's critical functions.

    This week, Contracting Excellence featured the following article by Revitas's Andrew Sanford that identifies the risks to the business when contracting operates in a silo and explores the positive impacts of implementing and integrating contract lifecycle management throughout the organization.


    OK, let's say your company does everything right when it comes to contract lifecycle management (CLM). Even then, you may not know all the hidden risks if your contracting processes are isolated from the greater enterprise. Would you like to spot the red flags before they catch you by surprise?

    Although contracts are the foundation of any business, many companies lack tools and strategies to limit liabilities and...

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  • Channel Operations Alert: Paradoxical Conditions Ahead

    Manufacturers may need help navigating the conditions in their channels in order to meet the pressure for increased channel revenue.

    For big manufacturers, selling products through multi-level, indirect channels made up of distributors and product resellers has long been the way of doing business. Channels enable these large organizations to both drive revenue and extend market reach. But in many industries and for many products, the sales channel can become quite complex. And, more recently, the most complex of sales channels are made even more so by environmental factors that have been changing the dynamics of channel operations.

    Thus, the push is on from executives for improving channel operations and channel effectiveness in 2015 (and, likely, beyond).

    Eager to get a better understanding of what this means for manufacturers, Revitas...

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  • B2B at CES? A perspective to consider.

    Talking channel performance management at CES.

    CES is the world’s largest consumer tech show -- that said, when I told people Revitas was exhibiting at the event, I was confronted with uncertain pauses, quizzical looks, and the obvious question: What role does a business-to-business software company play at one of the greatest B2C exhibitions?

    And while yes, the pomp and pageantry of CES -- filled with drones, wearables, and connected devices -- might have consumers enamored, the real value of the show comes on the backend. Insiders know that CES is one of the greatest platforms for channel managers and supply chain executives to connect with current and future partners and help drive channel sales.

    Channel-driven behemoths, like Samsung and Sony, send...

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  • Minor details … or are they?

    Don’t let manual processes or overloaded spreadsheets cause you an embarrassing oversight.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at www.revitasinc.com/blog.

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  • How to improve partner relationships and influence your sales channel’s performance

    With the New Year comes resolutions, and who says companies can’t set some goals for themselves? As we head into 2015, many of the companies Revitas speaks with are committed to bettering the relationships with their trading partners in channel. This isn’t a new goal by any stretch -- It’s talked about in C-suites throughout the country every year. But too often enhancing partner engagement falls by the wayside when other priorities seem more important.

    When it comes to the sales channel, improving partner engagement, loyalty, and resulting sales productivity is a resolution that shouldn’t be forgotten. The reality is partner performance is critical, and engaging with partners should be a top priority for all companies that sell through channel in 2015. Making this a...

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  • The CES paradigm: They liked your product, now you have to sell it

    CES 2015 is right around the corner, but while everyone’s speculating about the latest and greatest tech gadgets of the year, large tech companies should really be thinking about one thing: their sales channels.

    Channel-driven behemoths, like Samsung, Apple, and Sony, could be missing out on between 2 and 10 percent of their revenue, solely due to ineffective channel management strategies. But with the right solution in place, companies can increase revenue, enhance partnerships, eliminate overspending, create impactful incentives, and dive deeper into channel outcomes to better push their products and secure their bottom lines.

    Is your channel ready for CES 2015? We’ll be there to help you find out! Visit us at booth #74756 in the SANDS EXPO.

    To connect with Tom...

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  • How to Identify and Correct Poor Contracting Strategies

    Can you identify a bad hand when you see one?

    This week, Channel Insider featured the following article by Revitas's Joe Alphonse that uncovers the eight core capabilities needed in a CLM solution to improve contracting strategies.

    Three crucial steps toward better contracting strategies are asking tough questions, analyzing channel processes by department and building better contracting processes. 

    Each stage flows into the next, so a disconnect anywhere within the process puts contracts at risk. For that reason, companies need to seek an automated and integrated solution that unites each aspect of this process to ensure that they develop high-quality contracts that don't leave any money on the table. The system should also connect each department...

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