The best tool for incentive
and contract management

Channel incentives are among the most important tools that high tech, life sciences, and manufacturing companies use to drive demand, strengthen channel partner relationships, and grow revenue. The more innovative and complex the incentives, the greater the excitement from channel partners -- and the stronger the bottom line.

At least in theory. Because while incentives are a great tool for increasing sales, companies often struggle to manage complex incentive pricing scenarios and execute contract terms due to manual accrual processes. Using spreadsheets to calculate accruals is a fast track to under-accrual and financial exposure, or over-accrual and locked-up capital.

Automated solutions, however, can more accurately calculate accruals and promote stable and predictable revenue streams. Today, we introduced Revitas Pricing Dynamics 7.8 for expanded incentive and contract management. The upgrade offers a new accrual management tool and advanced royalty management capabilities. For more information on how Revitas Pricing Dynamics 7.8 helps companies maneuver complex pricing environments, click over to the press release.