Flying high with Revitas Contract Manager

For global manufacturing companies, a central contract repository is fundamental. Not only do central repositories offer greater visibility into agreements and reduce risk, but they simplify the management of various languages and divisions.

One leading aircraft manufacturer needed this kind of solution and turned to Revitas for help. With our Contract Manager solution, the company will get not just a contract repository, but so much more. Contract Manager automates and streamlines the entire contract process, from authoring and approvals through to execution of T&Cs and renewals. Thus, the company will increase the efficiency of its contracting processes between its suppliers and customers and be able to expedite RFP responses to speed government contracting cycles.

In addition, e-signature capabilities will reduce contract cycle times, accelerate the sales and acquisition processes, and increase renewal rates.

Check out our press release for more details on how Contract Manager will help this manufacturing company improve the efficiency and visibility of its contracting process.