Introducing Revitas University!

The most successful companies often drive innovation and competitive advantage through a well-trained workforce. However, many organizations struggle to find the time and resources to impart the skills and knowledge employees need. Even the most carefully scoped training plans aren’t immune to the effects of shrinking budgets and heavy workloads.

As a result, our customers are looking for a solution that meets many of the same needs, including:

  • Quick-start programs to on-board new employees
  • Lessons that allow staff to reach expert proficiency levels
  • Training that is available on demand at reasonable rates

To help fulfill these requirements in a time- and cost-sensitive solution, we've developed a new education portal called Revitas University. This online learning system will provide a user-friendly and efficient way to train employees and managers of all skill levels.

Leveraging the Learning Cloud from Cornerstone OnDemand, Revitas University delivers role-based learning curricula that incorporate structured training courses, as well as content such as white papers, best practice guidelines, and expert articles.

Registration for Revitas University begins in early October 2012. Interested in a sneak peak? Customers attending the Revitas Summit for Life Sciences will see a live preview demonstration at the event. Until then, please check back or subscribe to The Revitas Blog, where we’ll post additional details about Revitas University in the weeks to come.