Building blocks for 2014: What life
sciences companies need to know

In the health care industry, with the Affordable Care Act in full swing, many of the challenges of 2013 remain in play, leaving life sciences organizations -- especially mid-market firms -- to adapt to increasing pressures from channel partners, government, and consumers. As life sciences companies grapple with current day-to-day operations, they must also prepare for the future in order to remain compliant and competitive.

This month, we’re teaming up with IDC Health Insights for a live webinar titled, “Building Blocks for 2014: Technology, Compliance, and Globalization,” taking place on Jan. 28, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. ET. The webinar will cover some of the important issues that life sciences companies will face in 2014.

Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager of IDC Financial, Government, and Health Insights, and Jon Smith, Revitas Industry Development Manager, will provide expert insights into emerging trends and discuss practical approaches on how to successfully navigate the year ahead.

The session will cover emerging business drivers that life science and pharmaceutical manufacturers must consider, including technology, compliance, and globalization. In addition, Scott and Jon will review how to leverage new technologies to hone strategies and ready operations for regulation changes.

Of course, the constant flux within the life sciences sectors is now “business as normal.”  Going forward, companies will need to be focused yet agile; strategic but flexible - ever ready to adapt.  Scott and Jon will discuss the emerging business drivers that will impact managing operations worldwide and preparing for next level regulations.  They will offer views of how to craft innovative strategies that can help to  help shave costs, improve efficiencies, drive new products, and accelerate market growth.

What are the most important insights from these industry experts? Sorry, no spoilers here! Register and join the webinar to learn how life sciences organizations can achieve success in 2014.