Revitas Flex
and global growth

In the life sciences industry, manufacturers must deliver safe, effective drugs and treatments while also protecting profitability so that they can continue to provide their products to patients who need them. With both established industry players and new market entrants competing for business, companies’ concerns about revenue leakage take center stage as they seek solutions that will enable them to protect revenue -- while also maintaining compliance with strict government regulations. It’s a tight rope to walk.

For one global biopharmaceutical manufacturer, an outdated revenue management system was complicating the balance of managing high volumes of contracts with rebate and chargeback execution as well as compliance reporting. A growing company, the system would not scale to meet the company’s evolving needs and lacked key functionality to continue to provide value.

The manufacturer replaced the aging system with the Revitas Flex platform. This single, standards-based technology platform drives all Revitas applications for contract, revenue, and compliance management, enabling the company to streamline operations, protect margins, and solidify compliance with a robust system that provides visibility and scalability.

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