Achieving 340B compliance with Revitas

The 340B Integrity Provision of the Affordable Care Act looms over pharmaceutical manufacturers. You’re likely aware by now that the new provision expands the number of eligible health care providers to more than 20,000. As a result, the chances for rebate calculation errors have risen, and the penalties for non-compliance -- up to $5,000 per instance of overcharging -- can be severe.

So what can organizations do to meet this challenge? Rob Patterson wrote here about how to achieve compliance without compromising organizational efficiency. He argues that the most successful organizations take an integrated approach that links ERP, pricing, and compliance on one platform. That way, you maintain compliance, but your employees can focus on growing your business instead of sifting through a mountain of rebates.

Today Revitas announced a new module, the 340B Compliance Manager, to achieve this integrated approach and automate rebate calculation while keeping your organization fully compliant. Head over to our press release about 340B Compliance Manager for all the details.