Webinar: The survival guide for
emerging growth pharma companies

Emerging growth pharmaceutical companies have great potential for growth, but face a number of risks along their journey into enterprises. Because they have fewer resources to meet the complex challenges managing contracts, pricing, and compliance, emerging growth companies are at greater risk of lost revenue and non-compliance than their enterprise counterparts.

That’s why we introduced RevitasNOW earlier this year -- an integrated, SaaS-based solution for effective contract management, pricing execution, and compliance automation. And now, we are presenting a live webinar “A Survival Guide for Emerging Growth Pharmaceutical Companies” on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 1 p.m. EST.

We’ll turn to IDC Health Insights analyst Eric Newmark, as well as a current Revitas customer, for ways to tackle the most pressing issues facing emerging growth life sciences companies. If your company is experiencing growth pains or you want to prepare for future growth, register now!

For more information on the webinar, jump over to the press release we issued this morning.