Two keys to the company's adoption of Flex

Today we announced that a leading healthcare manufacturing brand has gone live on the Flex platform. This implementation highlights two aspects of ERD solutions that give this company distinct business advantages.

1. Automation. Too many companies spend too much time and money hiring the best and brightest only to deploy them on menial tasks, such as managing chargeback accrual accounting. In adopting the Flex platform, this healthcare brand not only gains automatic, more accurate forecasting for accrual levels, it also can improve the effectiveness of the organization as a whole by transforming administrative workers into knowledge workers.

2. Implementation partners. Revitas maintains great relationships with a large ecosystem of partners. While Revitas provides the technology and expertise around ERD solutions, partners provide our clients with flexibility in how they bring those solutions to market. In this case, Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group’s expertise in life sciences made it a valuable ally.

For more of the specifics of this healthcare manufacturing brand’s implementation of the Flex platform, jump over to the press release we issued this morning.