The 10 most popular posts of 2013

As the holiday season revs up, it’s the perfect time to look back on 2013. So the Revitas blogging team thought ‘tis the season to recap the top 10 Revitas blog posts of the year. This countdown summarizes what you, our readers, found to be the most interesting news of the year.

In descending order, we bring you the list of the top 10 posts of 2013.

10. Why contract management is a must-have for global growth
Contract management is a crucial step for a company eyeing global growth. Without visibility into contracts and revenue, a company can struggle to manage business performance during a rapid growth phase -- causing disastrous outcomes. This post digs into how to optimize business performance and increase total revenue when preparing for or going through growth.

9. 3 ways to improve your financial accrual process
Financial accrual calculations make up just one component of revenue management, but they can have a big impact to a company’s bottom line, especially if a mistake is made. Financial teams often inefficiently calculate accruals through intricate excel sheets, leading to inaccuracies and greater financial exposure. In this guest post from our own Jon Brier, he discusses how to improve your financial accrual calculations.

8. 2013 Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences agenda revealed
Our annual Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences brings together the best in the industry to tackle the complex issues that life sciences companies face. Prior to the 2013 event, this post revealed the full agenda, highlighting a combination of thought leadership presentations, Revitas product councils, best practice sessions, and hands-on labs and demonstrations.

7. Financial accruals: Who’s impacted and how
Financial accruals are a big headache for any company, no matter the industry. We spoke with Jim Burke, Senior Vice President of Contracting and Pricing Solutions at Alliance Life Sciences, to discuss the complexities and burdens associated with financial accruals. His insights offer tips for producing better financial accrual calculations

6. The Power of 3: Study on value of contracts, pricing, and compliance
The results of “The Power of 3” research study echo the importance of Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD) for the manufacturing and technology sector. Check out the report to find out why integrating contracts, pricing, and compliance is essential to business success.

5. How ERD is like an ice cream sundae
In a whimsical analogy, we explain ERD in terms of an ice cream sundae. Just like a sundae, ERD combines individual pieces like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry (contracts, pricing, and compliance) that complement each other to create a better result. Even the bananas serve as the scalable platform while the toppings act as the capabilities that sit on top of the solution, just like Revitas Analytics.

4. What the Affordable Care Act means for 340B compliance
Until recently, the biggest struggle with 340B compliance was correctly identifying a script-level transaction to avoid overlap with Medicaid payments. However, the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made this process even more difficult for several reasons (which the post digs into). As more 340B transactions make their way through the pipeline, the harder it’s becoming to avoid inaccuracy and confusion. The post reviews what you need to know to understand the current 340B environment.

3. Infographic: Why Apple and Samsung could be losing billions of dollars a year
What if two of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers were losing billions due to poor revenue management? Inefficient revenue management can cost companies 1 to 2 percent of total revenue, which can really add up. This infographic traces this smartphone money trail to show how you can avoid revenue leakage. It also shows how your organization might be more at risk than you think!

2. 4 ways to improve your contract management process
Good contract management assists a business by minimizing risk and managing profit-generating opportunities within trading relationship. According to the International Associate for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) CEO and President Tim Cummins, by designating ownership, ensuring ease of access and use, engaging expert resources early, and managing contract obligations and performance, organizations can improve their contract management process.

And our number one story of 2013 …

1. 3 reasons why growing companies should focus on contract management
The prevention of tricky growing pains is major focus for growing companies. Efficient contract management is a great place to start prevention. Although it might seem like a minor piece of your business, companies should not overlook it. This blog post details the top three compelling reasons to keep contract management high on your priority list.

And there you have it! Our full list of the top 10 Revitas blog posts of 2013. Stay tuned in 2014 for more post on all of your favorite topics, such as 340B, contract management, and global growth. Happy holidays!