With the launch of Revitas University next week, we want to give everyone a sneak preview of what our new education portal looks like before registration opens.

You already know that Revitas University provides flexible and easy-to-adopt learning solutions on contracts, pricing, and compliance applications and other industry-related information. The on-demand, virtual environment lets employees -- students -- take classes at their leisure. Flip through the slideshow below to see some of these top features students can look forward to:

  • Each student’s transcript updates each class status as completed, in progress, or upcoming.
  • Students can easily search for classes by subject in our “browse for training” section, and Revitas University can also suggest classes based on a student’s class history.
  • Revitas University provides an extensive knowledge bank of other industry-related materials. Consider it an online library, full of resources tailored to your employees’ needs. In the knowledge bank, students will find supplemental learning materials such as white papers, presentations, and postings from coworkers.
  • A discussion board lets students share topics and information from the courses they have completed.