New report: The power of contract,
revenue, and compliance management

Last week I talked about the upcoming release of a research study by a leading industry analyst firm, showcasing the results of a commissioned survey of manufacturing and technology executives. Now the wait is over. I invite you to download and read “The Power of Three: The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Contract, Revenue, and Compliance Management.”

The study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Revitas, explores how the management of sales contracts, pricing incentives, and promotions impacts the effectiveness of channel partner relationships in the manufacturing and technology industries.

The survey results echo the key insights that Revitas has developed from working with finance, sales, and channel management executives in the manufacturing and technology sectors:

  1. Companies in these industries rely on post-sales incentives -- rebates, brand promotions, and the like -- to drive sales through complex, B2B distribution channels. In fact, over half of the survey respondents use incentives on over half of their deals.
  2. They’d like to introduce even more creative incentives, such as tiered rebates based on market share achievements, as a competitive weapon. But they don’t have the mechanisms to manage creative promotions. Why? Because spreadsheets are too unwieldy and ERP systems are too limited.
  3. They’re leaking money on the promotions they do use. The statistics here might surprise you, so I encourage you to read them for yourself.

The Power of Three:  The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Contract, Revenue, and Compliance Management” is available on the Revitas website. Go ahead and give it a read!

What is your experience with rebates, brand promotions, and other post-sales incentives? Do they help you drive channel sales? If so, how can you tell? Please join the conversation by leaving a comment below.