Why anticipating demand is still
the biggest supply chain roadblock

Despite all of the investments and energy put into improving supply chains, there are some challenges companies can’t avoid. Chief among them is the ability to anticipate demand. Even with continuing advancements in forecasting and analytic capabilities, several key trends limit manufacturers’ ability to overcome this roadblock.

From market trends, such as shifting demand, to operational limitations, such as delayed contracts, lack of insight into strategy, and weak channel performance management, these forces can erode the effectiveness of supply chain operations and weaken your competitive position.

One way around these hurdles is to view your supply chain, contracts, agreements, incentives, promotions, and compliance as a single integrated process -- what’s known as Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD). And how exactly does ERD allow you to better anticipate demand? Check out our guest post over at EBN to see what Michael Kerman had to say about the top four supply chain issues companies face and how ERD can help you better anticipate demand.