Revitas Product Council goes generic

One of the most important achievements for Revitas this year was the expansion of our customer engagement program, which includes Product Councils. As Christin mentioned in her recap of our latest Product Council, these meetings bring together a diverse group of customers to provide valuable perspective and feedback on our range of ERD solutions, including use cases, feature enhancements, and compliance concerns.

Generics manufacturers operate in a complex, highly-regulated market -- and many are focused on accelerating growth. But as the volume of sales contracts grows, so does the diligence required for effective reimbursement strategies. Manufacturers who implement contract and pricing management systems will streamline processes, ensure the accuracy of reimbursement payments, and improve abilities to support government compliance. All of which are vital steps to ensuring profitable growth.

We’ll be hosting a Generics Product Council on Thursday, August 9 (via WebEx), primarily to focus on our expanded offerings for generics pharmaceutical companies (which we expect to be available on the market by the end of the year). During the session, we’ll explain details of the product release, discuss the benefits of signing up for an early access program, as well as discuss and prioritize additional rebating strategies for upcoming releases.

This Product Council will help us tailor these new generics offerings to our customers’ needs. Customers are expected to come prepared with use cases, feedback, and questions to share with our QA team, which will ensure the new offerings meet our customers’ requirements.

We’re looking forward to hearing from our generics customers in a productive session this Thursday. If you’re not involved with generics, don’t worry, more Product Councils are on the way. Our upcoming Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences event will host Product Councils that address issues that apply across both branded and generic manufacturers. Stay tuned!