Revitas talks revenue lessons on
The Huffington Post

JPMorgan recently published a report detailing how the company lost $6.2 billion at its chief investment office in 2012. There were a number of issues, but they all point back to one major theme: JPMorgan's methods for managing finances didn't evolve in step with the increased complexity and risk of its business.

And it's not just JPMorgan that’s stuck in the proverbial Stone Age. Many companies are facing greater complexity as their product portfolios explode due to internal innovation and ongoing acquisitions. But many continue to manage their revenue like they did 20 years ago, when there were fewer variables to track.

Using outdated tools and processes for revenue management can cause a number of problems. Over at The Huffington Post, Michael Kerman digs into what went wrong at JPMorgan and what businesses can learn from its mistake. Check out what he had to say in his guest post, “Here's What Every Business Can Learn From JPMorgan's $6.2 billion Mistake.” Have something you want to add to the conversation? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!