Before my work at Revitas, I used to meet with users and purchasers of technology on a daily basis to discuss the impact of enterprise software on their business. One particular CIO who I speak with to this day said something that still sticks in my mind:

 “… in the past, as a CIO I had to worry about many things when shopping for solutions. As an organization we worried about the internal impact of a solution on our business and if, ultimately, the solution we invested in would work. Now, software has gotten so good that worrying about the software actually working is an after-thought. The bigger problem for us is understanding our business and the impact the software will have on the day-to-day operations of our organization.”
Revitas and IBM: helping address
risk and compliance

The exact words may be different, but the message I took to heart. From what I can tell, more and more organizations share this view of technology. The enterprise market has become highly commoditized to the point where software choices ultimately become similar to purchasing a product off the shelf at Target. Some solutions will work right out of the box while others will have issues due to immature technologies or antiquated architectures.

Organizations embedding and leveraging proven, market-leading technologies have a clear advantage in meeting the demand in the market for solutions that can add value quickly and work and scale without hesitation. But these organizations still face some big questions when it comes to software choices:

  • Does the software meet the needs of the business?
  • What are the cost and benefits of the solution?
  • What, if any, architectural impact will this solution have on our hardware infrastructure?
  • How easy is the technology for end users to adopt?

We’re constantly working to bring you new and better solutions to drive revenue, halt margin erosion, and avoid compliance risks. But any software solution is only as dynamic and robust as the technology with which it’s built. For that reason, as we look to broaden and solidify our product offerings, we’re building our newest software in partnership with IBM, whose highly regarded technology is the bedrock for new ERD products.

Take a read of this morning’s press release for all the details on how this new partnership will help facilitate compliance and address risk.