Revitas Revenue Manager

Optimize Chargeback and Rebate Programs to Increase Profitability

The industry-leading choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers, Revitas Revenue Manager enables companies to design and implement creative pricing incentive strategies that drive competitive advantage in managed care markets. 

Manufacturers can design and apply strategies to fit business goals, ranging from simple, volume-based rebates to advanced programs with sales performance triggers by product mix, geography and more. Revitas Revenue Manager also protects the revenue commonly lost through chargeback mismanagement in institutional markets, by expertly processing these large volumes of transactions, and flagging potentially ineligible or duplicate claims.

Revitas Revenue Manager makes even the most complex chargeback and rebate programs easy to manage. It automates claims validation and payment calculation, ensuring that contract terms and conditions are executed accurately, and helping to eliminate costly overpayments. Proven support for formulary management and powerful analytics tools deliver the increased insight that manufacturers need to take their business to the next level.

You Can:Because Revitas:
Maximize Revenues from Commercial and Government Contracts
  • Supports the widest range of rebate strategies, from simple, volume-based incentives to sophisticated rebate programs with multiple performance triggers.
Minimize Errors that Cause Revenue Leakage
  • Automates complex chargeback and rebate calculations for accurate claims paymen
  • Determines claims eligibility across multiple criteria including product, performance, and membership
Streamline Contracting Processes and Improve Cross-Functional Communication
  • Integrates with Revitas Contract Manager to provide total revenue control
  • Manages complex institutional contracting scenarios via integrated workflows
  • Increases visibility into payment trends to improve renewal terms and enhance future contracts
Increase Insight with Robust Analytics
  • Provides insight into key performance metrics; drill down to help uncover bottlenecks, and sources of errors
  • Enables operational excellence, with analytic views of validations, adjudication payments, and payment activity trends
  • Build charts and graphs to visualize your analysis
Minimize Compliance Risks and Remain Audit- Ready
  • Integrates with ERP systems to provide maximum accuracy for financial reporting
  • Achieves compliance with contract terms with automated reconciliation processe
  • Enables compliance with specific government programs via available compliance modules
  • Creates comprehensive compliance reports

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