You Can: Because Revitas:
Increase Market Share

Supports the widest range of rebate strategies, from simple, volume-based incentives to sophisticated programs with multiple performance triggers.


Reduce Revenue Leakage

Automates complex chargeback and rebate calculations for accurate claims payment  

Determines claims eligibility for multiple criteria like product, performance, and membership

Optimize Contracting Processes

Manages complex institutional contracting scenarios via integrated workflows

Increases visibility into payment trends to improve renewals and enhance future contracts

Integrates with Revitas Contract Manager to streamline critical business activity

Increase Visibility

Analyzes contract performance, leveraging robust analytics tools

Provides insight into trends, workload burdens, bottlenecks, and sources of error

Enables viewing of validations, adjudication payments, and payment activity trends

Minimize Compliance Risks

Integrates with ERP systems to provide maximum accuracy for financial reporting

Achieves compliance with contract terms with automated reconciliation processes

Enables compliance with specific government programs via available compliance modules

Creates comprehensive reports for compliance reporting

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