Revitas delivers integrated solutions for contracts, pricing, and compliance to improve market share, increase profitability, and reduce risk.

Revitas Delivers Robust, Market-Proven Solutions On-Premise and in the Cloud...

Revenue Management

Design and implement rebates, chargebacks, ship & debit programs and channel sales incentives to grow market share and protect profit margins

Contract Management

Transform contracting from a clerical task to a strategic, value-add activity, to drive more profitable b2b relationships

Royalty Management

Gain the visibility and control you need to optimize royalty income streams and maximize the value of your intellectual property license program

Government Compliance

Meet industry requirements and minimize audit vulnerabilities by automating complex pricing calculations and providing positive proof of compliance

Revitas Analytics

Empower knowledge workers at all levels to make smart business decisions by delivering insights from contracts, pricing and compliance transactions

Revitas Flex® Platform

Manage contracts, pricing and compliance on a purpose-built, standards-based platform – Revitas Flex – that provides unmatched business agility, scalability and security

To Solve the Most Significant Challenges in Contracts, Pricing, & Compliance…

Manage Rebates and Incentives

Offer and run creative channel sales incentives and promotional programs to grow the business and safeguard against revenue leakage

Manage Financial Accruals

Create accurate accruals and forecasts, even for the most complex channel sales incentives, rebates and promotional programs

Maximize Royalty Income

Manage IP license agreements with complete visibility and control to optimize royalty income streams

Minimize Profit Margin Erosion

Automate incentive payout calculations and claims validation, to safeguard profit margins

Model Bids, Offers, and Contracts

Leverage information about past contract performance to create new and profitable bids, offers and contracts

Deploy Standard Terms and Clauses

Simplify contract authoring and protect against legal risks by providing a repository of standard terms and pre-approved contract clauses for contract administrators

Accelerate Deal Cycles

Automate contract workflows, reviews and approvals to safeguard against process delays and close more deals in the current quarter

Manage Milestones and Renewals

Review, track and act upon contract milestones, payment requirements and performance obligations, to avoid business interruption, financial penalties and other legal risks

Comply With Commercial T&Cs

Provide positive proof of compliance with contract terms & conditions to satisfy audit requirements and ensure accurate reporting

Meet Government Program Requirements

Measure and monitor best price; deliver prompt, detailed compliance reports to validate compliance with government selling program mandates

Ensure Accurate Financial Reporting

Leverage straight through processing connections with Enterprise Resource Planning to settle financial transactions within a single system of record for more accurate, consistent and reliable financial reporting

Gain Actionable Insights

Uncover hidden information about contracts, pricing and compliance transactions to discern vital trends, evolve business strategy and optimize operational outcomes

Maximize Technology ROI

Manage contracts, pricing and compliance on a standards-based platform that works directly with your ERP, CRM and SCM systems to support corporate technology standards for higher ROI

Across the World's Most Complex Industries


Revitas Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD) solutions help manufacturers manage channel sales incentives and promotional programs to grow market share and protect profit margins

Consumer Durables and Packaged Goods
Chronic overpayment leads to margin erosion – while underpayment ultimately creates dissatisfaction in the channel. Plus, managing financial accruals for these programs comes with major headaches. Any error can completely skew the earnings report, risking penalties of noncompliance. Companies need a system for incentive management.
Industrial Goods
Industrial manufacturers should leverage an integrated contract management solution as key way to drive more business.

High Tech

Revitas Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD) solutions help technology companies implement effective pricing strategies and close deals faster

Computer Hardware, Peripherals, and Networking
Lacking the proper systems or controls, organizations can miss out on opportunities for incremental revenue and suffer crippling profit margin erosion. Top performers need a revenue management system that will help them gain market share, reduce administrative costs, and protect profit margins.
Wireless and Handhelds
Device manufacturers need an integrated system that manages complex incentives, promotions, and rebate programs, automates the contracting process to speed cycles and eliminate costly delays, and reconciles incoming payment requests against T&Cs, ensuring swift payments.

Life Sciences

Revitas Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD) Solutions help life sciences companies streamline contract management, manage rebates and chargebacks, and ensure government compliance

Branded Pharmaceuticals
For manufacturers of branded drugs, managing high volume chargebacks and complex rebate programs can get tricky. Any misstep in pricing execution or compliance can impact the company’s reputation – and its bottom line
Generic Pharmaceuticals
Producers of generic pharmaceuticals face a perfect storm of challenges, including relentless competition, tight operating margins and evolving regulatory conditions – all while managing a high-volume business
Growth Companies
In the pharmaceutical industry, emerging growth companies face the same challenges as do the industry giants – like margin erosion, government compliance and operational efficiencies – but with added complications